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Gateway, eMachinesを買収

SAN DIEGO (AP) - In its latest attempt to find profits in the notoriously low-margin personal computer business, Gateway Inc. will buy privately held eMachines Inc. in a deal valued at $235 million.

The combined company would still trail Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co., but executives hope the increased volume will give it more leverage in negotiating with suppliers. A similar argument was made when HP announced it was buying Compaq Computer Corp. in 2001.

この週末ビッグな M&A のニュースが飛び込んできた。

米Gatewayは30日、$3,000 milion と5,000万株の株式交換で米eMachinesを買収すると発表。この M&A で米国市場では第3位、世界市場でも第8位のPCメーカーが誕生する。

新会社のCEOには、eMachines のCEOである Wayne Inouye が就任する。

Gateway to buy PC maker eMachines from