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多くの友人たちへ (To my friends)




地震発生当時、僕は外苑前(東京都港区)のオフィス(5F )にいました。最初は微小な揺れから始まりましたが、1分程度で大きな揺れに変わり、2分から3分程度大きな揺れが続きました。非常階段を利用して外に非難しました(写真)。最初の地震が収まり、オフィスに戻りましたが、その後の緊急避難速報で3回ほど非難することになりました。


今回の地震では、インターネットからの情報(特にUstreamとFacebookやTwitter)により行動の判断をすることができました。 非常時において、インターネットのパワーを改めて実感しました。


To my friends living outside Japan.

Yesterday (March 11) earthquake that occurred off Sanriku epicenter (earthquake East) is a report of safety.

At first, I'm all Ok. The family home in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, Tokyo's family was not affected.

At the time the earthquake, I was at Gaienmae (Minato-ku, Tokyo) Office (5th floor) . The first began with a small shake, shake a big change in one minute, two minutes followed by major tremor.

Condemned the use of escape to the outside (see photo). Fits in the first earthquake, but returned to office three times now to blame the subsequent emergency evacuation in the breaking.

Because phone lines were busy, but could confirm the safety of the family are now near Iwate 22:00.Train that had stopped the subway (it gave up to go home on foot) went home today at around 5:30 waiting for the restoration of the railway.

In this earthquake, information from the Internet (particularly Facebook and Ustream and Twitter) could be due to behavioral decisions. In an emergency, I realized once again the power of the Internet.