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Windows で RSS をサポート

SEATTLE― June 24, 2005 ― Microsoft Corp. today announced support for RSS (Really Simple Syndication) in the next version of the Microsoft? Windows? operating system, code-named “Longhorn.” The RSS functionality in “Longhorn” is being designed to make it simple for end users to discover, view and subscribe to RSS feeds, as well as make it easier for developers to incorporate the rich capabilities of RSS into their applications. In addition, Microsoft announced Simple List Extensions, a set of extensions to RSS that can be used to enable Web sites to publish lists such as of photo albums, music playlists and top 10 lists as RSS feeds.

マイクロソフトは時期 Windows OS の “Longhorn”で RSS を全面的にサポートすると発表しました。フォトアルバムやミュージックリストなどで利用する "Simple List Extensions"という RSS の拡張版を Creative Commons license ライセンスで配布の予定。

Microsoft to Deliver RSS Support to End Users and Developers in Windows “Longhorn”